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MAXCORE is an innovative organization that create/build cutting-edge cannabis vaporization solutions and industry leading vaping hardware.

We made no compromises to bring our customers the quality products empowered by MAXCORE ceramic heating technology.



Started as a spin off from global e-cigarette industry giant - First Union, we truly understand that competition in the cannabis space is fierce, and brands that want to win in the long run must appeal not only to consumers’ aesthetic tastes but also to their desire for safety, performance, and affordability.

With that quest, we are dedicated to help our clients capitalize on best products and get ahead in the market. Together, we maximize the future you can capitalize on.


Defining the future of Cannabis Vaping

Our most advanced technology, which spent more than 800 days in R&D, represents revolutionary ceramic heater design. Adopting a ceramic core with ultra-high sintering temperature at 1,200 degrees, it evenly distributes 100 million micropores across the cannabis oil supply area, resulting in 2.4 times more capacity and a 17-percent increase in vape juice transfer speed.

Made of pure food-grade material, the physical structure has been optimized to improve the ceramic core’s atomizing efficiency and save 20 percent energy. This newest technology produces excellent consistency and reliability with quick atomizing in 0.1 seconds without flavor decrease over time.


A New Level of Cannabis Vaping

Engineered to preserve oil’s authentic flavor, the specially formulated ceramic core fully vaporizes a variety of viscosities to deliver maximum potency without burning, overheating, or waste. Ceramic heating elements including ceramic core porosity, ceramic formula, oil intake hole size, and resistance are customizable.


MAXCORE Guaranteed


Operating on a “think locally, act globally” philosophy, MAXCORE maintains research-and-development facilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Shenzhen, China, and owns 829 national and international patents (so far). The R&D team comprises more than 200 engineers and experts, of whom 7 percentare PhDs.

We carry a rich array of trending vape products that cater to modern cannabis users preference and tastes. Our carefully crafted products are suitable for THC and CBD oils, perfectly matching different viscosity, enabling our consumers to enjoy a pure & flavorful vaping experience.

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